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Sarah Martin

Confident Horse Rider

‘Having qualified for Badminton Grassroots (Mitsubishi Motors Cup) and committed to write a blog for the MMC website about my journey and our preparations for the event, I was finding my anxiety around the show jumping – the phase I was least comfortable in and that my horse is less suited to – building with each competition. Nothing I tried on a conscious level seemed to prevent me being gripped by nerves when I went into the ring and, on one occasion, they were so overwhelming I was unable to see a stride.

I contacted Amanda having researched sports psychologists and discovered that she practices hypnotherapy. Amanda identified the causes of my anxiety and put together a recording that I listened to regularly for a couple of months in the run-up to MMC. We jumped clear at our three preparation events and, each time, I found Amanda’s words coming back to me in the warm-up, which proved to be a real comfort. The true test, however, came on 1 May when we went into an arena with more atmosphere and commentary than normal, and an outcome that really mattered! To my delight, I found that I was able to give my horse the ride that he needs, shutting out all the ‘noise’, and managed a relatively relaxed clear round!

I am extremely grateful to Amanda and highly recommend The Confident Horse Rider to anyone whose performance in competition is being adversely affected by nerves’


Victoria Reid, New Zealand

Confident Horse Rider

Sam is my first horse.  I bought him six months ago as a 50th birthday present to myself.  When he arrived, I was quite nervous and a little scared of him.  Jeanette Garrett has been giving me riding lessons and recommended your CD on Schooling.  I was extremely sceptical however, having listened to it many times, I’ve changed my mind completely.  When I’m riding Sam, I find myself visualising or recalling your coaching, without effort and I do feel calm and confident – amazing!  My riding has improved beyond recognition and I’m convinced your CD has contributed to this.  It’s also incredibly relaxing.  Thank you


Clare Dakin, Braunton, North Devon

Confident Horse Rider

I was talking to my friend and telling her how I would like to have lessons, but was worried about getting the right sort of teacher – I am in my forties and have ridden most of my life, but since becoming a Mum my priorities have changed and my fears have been magnified by the “what ifs” and the negativity of others relating to my mare.  I wanted a teacher that would be sympathetic to my horse’s needs and mine, but at the same time totally honest with me.  My friend suggested Amanda who had taught her daughter to jump.

I had a look at her website and saw that she had a varied combination of experiences and qualifications that interested me.

The confidence booster day looked ideal, I liked the idea of the hypnotherapy, as I knew a lot of my concerns could be resolved with some positive thinking and reassurance.  The lesson part was something I knew I really needed to do for the sake of myself and my mare and the final overview would be the moment of truth –  someone eles’s opinion of my riding and whether my mare was suitable for me.

Prior to booking online, I spoke to Amanda and sent her an email giving her some history about myself and my mare.  We also discussed the pros and cons of where to have the day, we agreed it would be a lot less stressful if she came to me.

Even though I was nervous before Amanda turned up, within 5 minutes of us chatting, I felt relaxed – she is very good at asking the right questions, without being judgemental and her understanding and empathy towards me and my previous experiences was reassuring.  I was dreading the lesson, as my mare can be flighty and spooky and neither of us are used to schooling.   Amanda remained calm and talked me through everything, she never pushed me out of my comfort zone or baffled me with technical terms.  Afterwards, we went over the lesson and for me this was the moment of truth. At the end Amanda asked me how I felt, my answer was …relieved!  So relieved that I had booked the day, found  the right teacher and wasn’t wasting my time with the wrong horse.

I now have a lesson once every 4 weeks with Amanda, she does push me a little more each time, but I know have the confidence to do this, I am much happier knowing I have her support and advice and believe that our partnershp can go from strength to strength.


Elaine Foley, Ireland

Confident Horse Rider

Confidence Workshop:  Hi Amanda,  Just thought I’d give you an update on my progress since I did your course in Ireland.  The hunting season has started here and I went to the very first meet and had a great day! There have been 3 hunts so far and I have been to 2 of them. I surprised myself the first day how relaxed I was, I never before realised just how much my horse absolutely loves hunting! He is a machine and is giving me so much confidence and I trust him to do his job. I have had him for over a year but as I was always fearful of being out of control we never even made it to a fast canter in a field. Well that has changed!! Last Sunday we had an amazing gallop across stubble fields!!! He was in his element and I had a huge smile on my face. Although at the start of the second day I was feeling a little less confident I have to admit I did the jumps that I was comfortable with and came home with a lot of positive feelings.

On another note just got my 3 year old homebred back from being “started” in her education. I could not wait to sit up on her and we have been up at my riding club poping some little jumps, I also brought her on a charity ride and she was great.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help! It was just what I needed. I have attached a pic of myself on my horse Apollo ( he’s about 17.1 or 2!) and my husband Nick with his horse Rubin at the start of the hunt. I bought Apollo after I got hypnotized for my fear of heights!!

Looking forward to the next hunt!

Thanks Again.


Anne Michie x Ellon, Scotland.

Confidence Camp:  I have had a wonderful weekend with my horse.  I have enjoyed every aspect of the camp.  Amanda you are SO positive and calming and gave me new found positivity.  Thank you SO much, hopefully see you again soon.


Gillian, Ellon, Scotland.

Confidence Camp: I found the camp very useful in understanding my horse better, connecting with her and realising that I can ride her.  Structure of the weekend was well paced with lots to do and lots to think about.  Thank you!


Jemma Campbell, Ellon, Scotland.

Confidence Camp:  Can’t wait until the next one!  Please put my name down!  Thank you SO much, I hve learned so much.  I have found new confidence and can’t wait to get going at home too!  Amazing camp, absolutely loved it!  Don’t want to go home!  Thank you x


Laura Mannall, Ellon, Scotland.

Confidence Camp:  The information on this camp was fantastic and explained very well.  I have really enjoyed the whole weekend, and will definitely use the things I have learned with my horse.


Lisa Gordon, Ellon Scotland.

Confidence Camp:  I really enjoyed camp.  enjoyed time with my horse and meeting others who feel the same.  Enjoyed the positivity and relaxation and talks.  Feel proud of our jumping and dressage, Thank you!


Jayne McGarvie, Ellon, Scotland.

Confidence Camp:  Very Enjoyable!! No matter how little or much you/I ride, the whole experience with your/my horse has totally brought us forward in confidence!


Sophie Nichol, Gloucester.

Confidence Workshop:  I’ve found the workshop to be extremely beneficial. Being given the tools I need to remain in a positive mindset has set me up for future challenges that I can now embrace.  The hypnotherapy was very relaxing and a great way to start off the correct mindset.  Thank you very much!


Tara, Gloucester.

Confidence Workshop:  Very much enjoyed today, thank you!  Lots to think about and lots of useful information.


Beth, Gloucester.

Confidence Workshop:  thank you for an enjoyable day.  Going away with some things to work on and a plan to move forwards.  I will never look at the cross country course the same again!


Rachael McCooey, Gloucester.

Confidence Workshop:  thank you for a really useful workshop, it has given me some very useful food for thought.  Maybe I won’t give up riding just yet as I have nothing to lose by trying out these techniques.  Thank you for helping me rationalise all my muddled thoughts!


Katherine Locke

I just wanted to share with you how incredibly helpful I have found your course. It has absolutely transformed my riding and confidence.

The last two lessons I have had, my regular instructor said ‘Wow! You look like a different rider. You won’t be needing me soon’. The second instructor (who I haven’t had a lesson with for quite a while), when I spoke to her about the course and its positive effects, said ‘Gosh, I’d completely forgotten that you used to be nervous’.

Delighted too that I am one of the last people to get the personalised recording and very much look forward to receiving it.

We are moving yards on Thursday, so obviously a bit nerve wracking, but also exciting. It is on the Dorset/Devon border and I have booked onto the Bicton Arena Dressage camp in June.

A new chapter awaits!

Many, many thanks again for the course. You are doing a wonderful thing – you need to franchise it. Anytime you want a testimonial, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have nothing but praise for you and the course.


Geri Haldane

Schooling Download: Hi Amanda, Soo after a complete mental breakdown on my lovely Josie (horse) yesterday. I nearly got off of her and burst into tears yesterday with nerves.( and that was only in a walk). I went to sleep listening to your hypnosis. I can honestly say I’ve never slept more sound. I know there’s more to it than just one session, but I walked, trotted AND cantered today.. Thank you Xxxx


Lynn Scott-Cockle, Aberdeenshire

Confidence Workshop: Excellent – lots to think about and put into practice. Thank you.


Tracey Parker, Aberdeenshire

Confidence Workshop:  Enjoyed the hypnosis sessions and learning how to channel myself and negative into positivity.  Look forward to putting it into practice.


Keren Guthrie, Aberdeenshire

Confidence Workshop:  I really enjoyed it and hope you will come back so I can bring my horse next time.


Susanne Shepherd, Aberdeenshire

Confidence Workshop:  Very worthwhile day.  I can feel my self-belief increasing already.  Found the final hypnotherapy session most worthwhile.  I’m excited about the future now!


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