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Develop your confidence when schooling with this Self-Hypnosis MP3 download.
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Eventing tests the ability of both horse and rider to communicate with each other in all three phases.

‘Eventing’ has been made specifically to take you from the preparation of the event right through each phase. It addresses all the main aspects of each, building your confidence, focus and the ability to feel calm and in control throughout.

Dressage: This recording will help you to feel calm and completely focus on each and every movement of the test, enabling the horse to display the power and grace required to perform the movements with as much balance, rhythm and suppleness as possible for that partnership.

Cross country and Showjumping: A main part in this recording has been devoted to these two phases in order to help the rider remain calm, in control and have the ability to give the horse or pony the confidence to jump whatever is asked of it. Just relax and listen to this recording every day for a week, and whenever you feel the need to thereafter.

*For safety, it is suggested that you always have someone with you when you jump and wear appropriate clothing and an approved riding helmet.

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