Private Consultations At Our Clinic or at an Equestrian Centre Event.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Performance Coaching are all proven and effective ways of overcoming difficulties in all areas in your life.  These sessions are not just exclusive to confidence difficulties, but rather cover any issues regarding training your horse, competing or any problems you are experiencing, equine related or otherwise.

At times, in our lives, we are plagued with fears, phobias, panic attacks or feed depressed or anxious.  If you wish to stop smoking, lose weight or need to overcome any difficulties, I can help you.  These issues can have a negative impact on our health and well-being.

Sometimes there are underlying difficulties that slow your progress, or stop it altogether, no matter how hard you try to overcome problems.  In this case, it may be beneficial to meet up and we can work together to overcome the difficulties.




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Online Confidence Courses

Online Confidence Courses are run along the same lines as a group and private workshop with the additional bonus of being:

  • Completely tailored to you.
  • Consists of 5 one to one confidence coaching sessions.
  • Flexible, so you can work at your own pace, in your own time and at home.
  • Convenient, as there are no travel expenses.

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Confident Horse Rider
 I often hear riders who are struggling saying they are 'back at square one' and will never regain their confidence, usually after they have suffered set back. But unless you completely and utterly believe this (and repeat it to yourself ov...
Confident Horse Rider
Another wonderful confidence camp at Hartpury with twelve lovely riders and their ponies and horses! Lots of firsts achieved at this camp with a good handful of returnees who are going on even further and making such amazing progress with their new g...

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