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  • Are you at a real confidence crisis?
  • Feeling almost like giving up?
  • Everything is now a struggle each day?
  • Find your skills have deserted you?
  • Finding it hard to do even the simple things with your horse?
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others and feel depressed?
  • Do you feel like you are ‘failing’ your horse?
  • Feel you are not ‘good enough’ for your horse?
  • Wishing you were young again when you rode carefree?
  • Feeling depressed, tired, frustrated, even angry?

Enough is enough! You need a break, some time not just to sort out those crippling confidence issues, but just as importantly, to have some fun and to be around others who can help and support you!

We can end up going round and round in circles trying to find out answers to questions we don’t have. Trying to push ourselves into things we are too scared of. Trying to pretend to be brave when we are a quivering wreck inside and above all, just trying to hold it all together and get on with everything else in our lives.

We offer you two wonderful ways to help yourself:


You and your horse, getting quality training, having fun, establishing true connection and bond. These are lovely camps, full of activities, time to spend just grooming, having a massage, finding new friends and learning new skills. All our camps a specifically designed to help the very anxious riders, whether you are having trouble just getting on, or whether you are finding other aspects of riding too challenging at home.

Normally included:


  • Stabling
  • 4 x mounted lessons in small groups or 3 mounted sessions and 1 ‘Fun Day’ to include individual sessions.
  • Mental strategies for instant confidence.
  • Mindfulness for riders.
  • 1 x Full hypnosis session (optional).confidence riding camps horse riding 10
  • Secrets of dealing with the ‘What If’s’.
  • Overcoming known fears a fun way.
  • Dealing with the unexpected.
  • Planning and Mind Maps for motivation and progress.

Additional: (depending on venue)


  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Camp Session
  • Massageconfidence riding camps horse riding 06
  • Mechanical Horse Sessions
  • Equine Pilates
  • Equi-Stretch


  • Bedding
  • Haylage/Hay
  • Massage for Horses
  • The Use Of Oils For Horses


Mounted sessions in small groups to cater for the needs of the individuals. Emphasis will be on integrating the confidence strategies and learning new riding skills. Support and help throughout.

We have a range of mounted sessions from flatwork, poles, X-poles and optional jumping, all normally within a large indoor arena. Some camps do have X-country jumps available and normally there is an option to go for a hack in a small group.

* Private unmounted sessions available throughout the weekend. Individual work on your specific difficulties. (Confidence related or any other difficulties) £45
* Private mounted sessions available prior to camp. £45 (limited spaces) or £30 shared per 45min.

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‘Can’t wait until the next one! Please put my name down! Thank you SO much, I have learned SO much! I have found new confidence and can’t wait to get going at home too! amazing camp, absolutely loved it! Don’t want to go home! Thank you’
Jemma Campbell

‘I have had a wonderful weekend with my horse, I have enjoyed every aspect of the camp. Amanda, you are SO positive and calming and gave me new found positivity. thank you so much, hopefully see you again soon’.
Anne Michie

‘Am buzzing! My long-term goals are being ticked off as completed in just a couple of days. Honestly, anyone wanting to grow their confidence on their horse, please come along to one of Amanda Kirtland-Pages courses’.
Kate Bridgewater

‘Absolutely fantastic weekend at camp thank you Amanda Kirtland-Page xx highly recommended xx’
Lisa Reid

‘Absolutely loved my 3 day confidence camp with Amanda Kirtland-Page can highly recommend it!’
Joann West

The information on this camp was fantastic and explained very well. I have really enjoyed the whole weekend, and will definitely use the things I have learned in future with my horse’
Laura Mannall


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Online Confidence Courses

Online Confidence Courses are run along the same lines as a group and private workshop with the additional bonus of being:

  • Completely tailored to you.
  • Consists of 5 one to one confidence coaching sessions.
  • Flexible, so you can work at your own pace, in your own time and at home.
  • Convenient, as there are no travel expenses.

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