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To be successful at show jumping at any level, you need to feel confident about taking your horse or pony over jumps. This recording contains powerful suggestions to increase your confidence when you jump. It helps you to remain calm, and also fully focused so you can spot what you need to do to achieve the results you want. It helps you to have more control over how you think and feel before and during jumping. It is also full of useful information to help you achieve success.

Losing confidence is a common experience for many riders. It can come about because of a previous difficulty when jumping, from a fall or series of falls, watching someone else get into trouble, from being pushed beyond your limits, being over-horsed or simply from having time off from jumping.

This self-hypnosis recording has been designed by combining specific hypnotherapy techniques together with in-depth knowledge and understanding of horses, show jumping and competing, to produce a very powerful therapeutic tool.

Using these self-hypnosis techniques gives you a positive way to help overcome your worries or fears and will help you enjoy the wonderful experience of show jumping.

*For safety, it is suggested that you always have someone with you when you jump and wear appropriate clothing and an approved riding helmet.

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main showjumping.mp3

main showjumping.mp3
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