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Develop your confidence when schooling with this Self-Hypnosis MP3 download.
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Schooling is vital not only for your own progress, but especially for your horse or pony. A well schooled equine is a joy to ride! Difficulties can arise due to a lack of confidence, or the ability to focus on the movements we need to develop. You may want to improve how you feel about just getting on your horse or pony, or riding in an arena or field, or perhaps asking your horse for a specific movement, like for example, a canter strike off.

This CD/MP3 download will help you feel calm and in control. It gives you a way to reduce tension in your body, which can have a very positive, calming effect on your horse. We all know how well horses pick up on tension and anxiety, and this is one of the key elements in this recording.

The recording guides you though a positive visualisation to help you go into a gentle trance state, then moves into helping you with your confidence whilst riding. It takes you through a simple warm up, ideas and thoughts about your riding position, and exercises for your horse or pony.

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Confident Horse Rider Schooling Confidence.mp3

Confident Horse Rider Schooling Confidence.mp3
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