'Back at square one'? I don't think so!


I often hear riders who are struggling saying they are 'back at square one' and will never regain their confidence, usually after they have suffered set back. But unless you completely and utterly believe this (and repeat it to yourself over and over), this is not the case!

When I work with riders, be it at camp, workshops or privately, we look for evidence that this is certainly not the case. In fact, some setbacks will make you stronger.

For example, it's certainly true that if you ride those difficult strides when you jump, even if it's so uncomfortable at the time, you become more balanced and can cope better when they arrive whilst competing.  Many riders wish for the 'perfect stride' and tell themselves they are getting it wrong if they don't see it.  What you are actually doing is learning to ride anything that comes along. (Gosh, we all wish for the 'perfect stride' everytime, it just doesn't happen!).

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