3 Day Riding Confidence Camp - Hartpury, Gloucester

Another wonderful confidence camp at Hartpury with twelve lovely riders and their ponies and horses! Lots of firsts achieved at this camp with a good handful of returnees who are going on even further and making such amazing progress with their new goals.

This time we added in Sunday morning Tai Chi which was held out in the grazing fields in the early morning sunshine. It was glorious! This, alongside the rider psychology sessions, human massage sessions, guided visualisation and mindfulness, made this confidence camp such a wonderful all-round experience for everyone.

We now offer 'exclusive' confidence camps which are open to only a small number of riders (generally just 6). This is to ensure in that you get even more individual attention in small groups with the maximum amount of confidence sessions and additional 'options' to choose from!

We are often told these camps are a truly life changing event, not just because of the confidence building aspects, but also because long-term friendships are formed and riders feel heard, supported and become part of a team.

If you would like a talk, workshop or camp in your area, do contact me and I'm sure we can look to arrange something for you.

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Anxiety Prior To Getting On Your Horse

Anxiety about mounting is such a common problem with riders, however, it is entirely possible to overcome this with some simple exercises.

I have been a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, confidence coach, instructor and NLP practitioner working with riders for over 30 years. I have found that so many riders get ‘stuck’ because there is the anticipation of something going ‘wrong’.

Conscious or subconscious?

You may be very conscious of a past, bad experience perhaps, or your horse could be difficult and you are worried about the very real possibility you could be hurt.

Or, it might lie purely in your subconscious, an association that has been formed from either a real or imagined trauma, leaving you with a feeling of dread but not knowing why.

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