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Develop your confidence when schooling with this Self-Hypnosis CD and MP3 download.
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Hacking is truly a wonderful experience for many riders. Going down roads and lanes, through woodlands and over the countryside, beside beaches, over the moors……these are some of the main reasons why people have horses. Hacking provides a lot of interest both for riders and for their horses and a wonderful relief from the confines of an arena.
Wouldn’t it be great to do all of these things and feel calm and confident whilst you are out on your horse or pony?

Fears and anxieties can develop quite quickly when you are faced with difficult situations. In this recording, direct powerful suggestions are made to help you gain more control over how you think and therefore how you feel whilst hacking. This helps to increase your confidence and reduce tension and anxiety.

This self hypnosis recording was developed to help you remain calm when coping with many different types of traffic and obstacles on or near roads and when encountering animals such as dogs and also sheep and cows in fields. It helps you feel calm and relaxed when going over different terrains at different speeds. This has been designed by combining specific hypnotherapy techniques together with in-depth knowledge and understanding of horses and the problems faced by riders who take their horses out hacking.