Deep Sleep CD

Overcome insomnia with this self-hypnosis, 2 CD set. Ideal for general use or for riders losing sleep before an important event.
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Uninterrupted sleep is essential to stay healthy in mind and body. If you want to sleep the whole night through, then this double recording is for you.

Self Hypnosis has been proven to be extraordinarily successful in overcoming Insomnia and these recordings have been produced to help you achieve the sleep you most desire.

CD 1 track 1 includes a short introduction. It is important for you to listen to this Introduction on the first night you use this recording (you need only listen to it once). Then leave this to play the main track Deep Sleep. Listen to this on the first night, thereafter, you can choose between either Deep Sleep or Sleep Now on CD 2 track 3.
Continue to use whichever recording you like best until you are able to sleep without their assistance.

It’s recommended you listen to this recording using good quality speakers, rather than headphones, so you can just drift off without having to remove the headphones.

Do not listen to this recording: Whilst driving or operating any machinery. If you suffer from any mental health problems you should consult an experienced hypnotherapist before using this CD or mp3 recording. If you are on medication for low blood pressure, please seek medical advice first.