BHS Stage 1 CD

This self-hypnosis CD has been produced to help you feel calm, confident, focused and resourceful for your BHS examination.
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Self-hypnosis has proven to be extremely effective both before and during examinations. In this recording, you are gently guided into a relaxed state and then given a unique way of quickly retrieving information you have previously learnt for the exam, with the ability to speak out calmly and clearly when you are asked a question. Many of the topics in the syllabus will be mentioned during the recording.

There is also a section within the soundtrack that covers the ridden phase of this exam, helping you to remain confident and effective when riding.

Please listen to the very short Introduction the first time you use this recording as it contains important information on how to get the best out of this product. You can then go on to listen to the main recording as many times as you like. For best results, use every day for a month before your exam.

Do not listen to this recording: Whilst driving, riding or operating any machinery. If you suffer from any mental health problems you should consult an experienced hypnotherapist before using this CD. If you are on medication for low blood pressure, please seek medical advice first. This recording must only be used to encourage you to improve your riding confidence on a horse or pony that is safe and is within your physical limitations.

For safety, it is suggested that you always have someone with you when you jump and wear an approved riding helmet. This recording does not substitute actual knowledge of the subjects of the examination or competence in riding. It is assumed that you have learnt all the necessary information and have the required level of riding necessary.