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Please read and complete the below form including confirming you agree to the terms and conditions below.

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*Required information.

You will be sent a list of all items you need to bring (including everything below in the Covid protocol list).  You will also be sent a map of the venue, the stable block, parking and arenas and how to get to them. 

Haylage and shavings can be pre-ordered however it is preferable if you bring your own if possible so the venue staff do not have to interact with us.  I have organised 1 small bale of clean shavings to be left next to your stable.

Hook up is pre-booked through Hartpury themselves.

There are no stables available prior to or after the camp dates.

About you:

Your horse/pony:

All equines must be reasonably behaved in this camp.  For example, we will not take very young horses that have only been recently backed, those known to buck or nap badly, bolt, kick out or bite.  This camp is made up of riders who are building their confidence, so it is important that the horse or pony you bring is reasonably well behaved not only for safety reasons, but also to ensure this is a happy, enjoyable camp.  If you are unsure, please contact me.

Riding options:

We will endeavour to put you in a group of similar abilities and goals.  Please indicate which of the activities you would like to take part in.  The first day is flatwork only.  (with or without canter, depending on your preference and group).  The rest of the lessons will have the option of poles/trot poles/cross poles and jumping.   


We are extremely fortunate that Hartpury have agreed to give us these dates this year, which shows a huge amount of trust in us as a company and our Covid protocols. 

Although there seems to be quite a list, everything below is really just common sense.  However, Hartpury requires us to list them so you can sign this online document.

 General Terms & Conditions:


1. You must abide by the 2-meter rule and keep your distance AT ALL TIMES, irrespective of whether the government have relaxed this distance.

2. All riders must bring hand sanitisers, glaoves, face coverings/masks. A small travelling bottle should be kept with you at all times. ‘Bum’ bags are good to hold these items.

3. Mucking out – depending on whether we have an indoor or outdoor stable block, staggered mucking out may be put in place. Please understand that we need to do this to ensure we do not have too many people coming and going through the yard and at the muck heap.

4. You CANNOT share any equipment at any time, this includes mucking out gear. I will send you a list prior to camp which I would like you to check before leaving for the venue. Make sure you have everything on your list.

5. Main mucking out gear to be kept in or next to your transport, not left at the stable block. A small bucket/fork or gloves for skipping out can be placed next to your stable.

6. All unmounted sessions will be held outside, the area is yet to be agreed. You MUST bring a comfy chair for these, (there will be none to hand and you cannot share one), your own pens and a notebook. Please also bring a personalised bag or rucksack to keep all your items in so they are not left around to be picked up by mistake by others.

7. Please bring all your own food and drink, the restaurants and snack machines will be closed. If you bring a bottle, mark it with your name. If you are staying offsite, make sure you have enough food and drink with you for the day in your rucksack.

8. We are still hoping for our curry/chip/Chinese evening on the second night. Even if you are staying off site, bring something to eat with if you want to stay on. This will take a little thought plus agreement with Hartpury, but may still be possible.

Toilet blocks:

1. We will be assigned our own block. There is NO shower this time, so bring what you need (baby wipes, flannel, soap, etc) and a big enough bag to put it all in.

2. Only 1 person allowed in the block at any one time. Please bring something to leave outside the main block door (that won’t blow away) when you are inside so everyone knows it is occupied.


1. Thank goodness there should be no problem keeping to the 2-meter rule when riding!

2. We STRONGLY advise you to bring and use a body protector this time and use it in all lessons. We very rarely have had anyone come off at camp, but if this were to happen, all precautions for an ‘unharmed dismount’ must be in place!

3. Mounting - As we are unable to help you mount or give you any help with leading, you will need to feel happy and confident getting on your horse and riding around the arena at least in walk. You need to let me know if you are feeling uncomfortable or anxious at any time. If you bring a family member or someone who is within your circle, they are allowed to help you however, they do so at their own risk and are asked to leave the arena as soon as you are comfortable. There are mounting blocks all around Hartpury, but you are also encouraged to bring your own if you feel you would be more comfortable with that.

4. Be on time for your lessons but do not gather in a tight group by the arena entrance. If you can be ready on your horse and ready to ride prior to your allotted lesson, this will give you time to check girths, stirrup length, etc., without feeling rushed. If you need to adjust your equipment when already on board, you will have to dismount again as we are unable to approach your horse and deal with it for you.

5. If you want to mount in the arena, be ready with your horse at the entrance but keep enough distance for those riders leaving from the last lesson.

6. After your lesson and when washing down, once again, be mindful of others in the area. Give everyone enough space, there is certainly enough at Hartpury!

7. We always encourage social interaction and positive feedback in all of our camps after lessons. Be kind, be generous with praise, but also, be 2 meters away from others when chatting after lessons!


  1. Your horse or pony must have a valid passport, which includes an up-to-date flu vaccination stamp, this will be checked.
  1. All riders attending should be reasonably fit and well for this camp, although of course we will always work around fitness levels of both you and your horse.
  1. You cannot attend camp if you are pregnant as you will not be covered under our insurance.
  1. Please attend your scheduled lesson on time. When attending a lesson, you are asked to follow the instructions of the trainer at all times. This is for your own safety. If you feel you or your horse/pony need to take a break, just let the trainer know so we can find a safe place for you in the arena.
  1. Please pick up any droppings after your horse/pony in the yard and generally keep the yard tidy. You will need to use your own equipment to do this. 
  1. Do not touch any mucking out forks in or around the arena, they are for the instructor’s use only.
  1. We are all there to help and support each other, so please be aware if someone is struggling in any way. Make sure you do not ride off when someone else is mounting and ask if help is needed if you see a rider having any difficulty.
  1. If you see a horse in distress at any time, please let an organiser or the venue owner know straight away.
  1. The owners of the venue and camp organisers and landowners have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of all those attending this camp. Risk assessments for all areas have been completed, both by Hartpury College and by Confident Horse Rider to ensure your safety. We request that all of you take reasonable precautions to prevent any accidents. 
  1. Correct British Standard Headgear or European – VG1, conforming to current standards to be worn at all times when mounted. Make sure you have correct foot-ware. (No wellingtons/muck boots please when riding). It is mandatory in lessons to wear a body protector if you wish to jump.  If you do not have the correct headgear, foot-ware or body protector (if jumping), you will not be able to take part in that activity. 
  1. Confident Horse Rider reserves the right to expel any person at any time without incurring any liability or refund.
  1. No Smoking in the yard areas, stables or in the arenas at any time.
  1. For the August camp, no dogs will be able to attend.
  1. On signing this agreement, you acknowledge you are taking part in a risk sport and that you are competent to ride at the level you have indicated on the booking form. The organisers and landowners will not be held responsible for any incident or injury to riders, owners, spectators, grooms or any person or property whatsoever. It is a condition that each rider in this camp shall agree to indemnify the organiser against any legal action arising from any incident.
  1. On signing this form, you agree that any pictures taken at this camp may be used by Amanda Kirtland-Page and Confident Horse Rider in promotional material on their website, twitter or Facebook pages.
  1. The organisers reserve the right to cancel the camp if there are insufficient attendees to make the camp viable. Full repayment of any monies by yourself will be returned as soon as all riders have been notified.
  1. You have read and agreed with all the new Covid Protocols above.
  1. I have read and accept the ‘Terms & Conditions’ which includes all the Covid protocols for the Confidence Camp and confirm I have appropriate 3rd party Insurance for this event

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