We all know that time away from riding can have a dramatic affect on our confidence and right now, as many of us can't really do much with our horses at the moment, I decided to record this for you.

It is absolutely the ideal time to start developing some good strategies to build confidence. Some of you will already know this exercise as I've been using this on and off for the past 10 years, but if you can do this one at least 3 times a day (exercise only needs a moment), then changes in your confidence will start building now.

I really like this one, it's easy to do, but if you do struggle at all, stay with it and your focus will improve! If you don't like visualisations, don't worry, I will be doing lots of other bits soon!
It was a bit scary doing something so new for the first time...but hey, sorted myself out with a few deep breaths! Amanda