Aberdeen – Mini Confidence Day Camp



• 2 Lessons, one AM, one PM
• Flatwork in the morning (optional canter group)
• Poles/cross poles & jumping available.
• Riding with Confidence Discussions/exercises/tips
• Cost £65




Arrive at ‘Base Camp’ in time for the Intro Talk.

 9.30 am Intro Talk ‘Riding with Confidence’.
 Coffee/tea/juice/biscuits
 Morning Lessons
 Lunch (bring your lunch or order a lovely lunch from the center!)
 Talk: Hints and help on boosting confidence.
 Afternoon Lessons
 Tea & cake. Last talk: Feedback for each rider plus forward planning!

You are welcome to hack either before or after your lesson, but you MUST NOT hack alone. Maps are available. In the afternoon, if you wish, you can go for a hack instead of a lesson.

Cantering/jumping or hacking your horse is completely optional. You will not be asked to jump if you prefer not to.

SUITABLE FOR RIDERS ALL ALL LEVELS.  Very novice riders up to competition level.

Available Lessons:

a. Flatwork in walk and trot.
b. Flatwork session in all three paces.
c. Flatwork session to include poles, trot poles/ small x poles.
d. Jumping

Dogs will have to stay on leads or be left in your car or lorry and must be under control at all times to ensure all riders are safe. Please pick up after your dog.

Horses are to be kept either in your trailer or lorry, or tied up. (You are responsible for the safety of your horse and all your equipment).

Stabling can be provided and this cost is between you and Waulkmill and is not included in the price.

Lunch can be provided (which I can vouch for and is VERY nice!), this is not included in the price.

Health And Safety Requirements:
• Correct British Standard Headgear conforming to current standards to be worn at all times when mounted. You will have to wear a body protector if you wish to jump.
• No Smoking in the yard areas, stables, cafe, etc.
Please make sure your horse is healthy and fit for this camp and holds an up to date vaccination record.

September 28, 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Ticket Prices
Per Person£65.00

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