If you have been struggling with anxieties or fears, constantly held back by the 'what ifs', feel sad, frustrated, or just feel you are on your own with your difficulties, we are here to help you overcome these and achieve your riding dreams.

We offer not only sports psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy, but a deeper knowledge of psychotherapy, personality types and preferred methods of learning.  Additionally, we also offer many years of teaching riders and riding and competing ourselves.  This means we can find the best way for you to help make those important changes, in whatever area you are stuck. You are not on your own, we can help and support you all the way through as you build your confidence.

Confidence Workshops for Riders (Group or Private)

A full day devoted to providing you with all you need to re-gain lost confidence and/or boost your riding performance and includes Visualisation work, NLP sports coaching, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Sports Psychology and much more!  9 Essential 
Strategies for Confidence, 
Free Hypnosis CD, Rider Information Pack and Free Ongoing Support via CHR Confidence Club  Group £89.00 per person. Private or semi private workshops available.  You can book a whole day for yourself, or share with a friend or friends!

Online Workshop available to everyone, worldwide.

Consisting of 5 Modules, all 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions either via Skype or Telephone. A Rider Info Pack, Workshop Hypnosis CD and download, plus exercises based on your needs.  You can send unlimited emails throughout the course, which is set up to your convenience.  The course can be set out once a week, once a month or over a full day. FREE 30 min, no obligation chat to find out more.  £40 per Module if you pay the course in full, (£45 each if paid individually).

Skype, FaceTime & Telephone Consultations 

These sessions can include Hypnotherapy if you wish (apart from telephone sessions). Tailored coaching sessions to help you build your riding confidence, improve competition performance and create a true understanding and connection between you and your horse. Ongoing support, practical information and help in all areas of riding and/or competing. (Free half hour initial consultation)  £45 per 60 min.

Private Consultations at our Clinic

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Performance Coaching are all proven and effective ways of overcoming difficulties in all areas in your life. These sessions are not just exclusive to confidence difficulties, but rather cover any issues regarding training your horse, competing or any problems you are experiencing, equine related or otherwise. £55 per 60 min.

TalksTalks For Clubs and Groups

Excellent for Riding Clubs, Pony Clubs Equestrian Centers.  A fun and informative interactive 2 hour talk with questions and discussions on how to improve your confidence or riding performance.  We run 'Ride with Confidence' and 'Preparing for the Competition Season' talks, however, our talks can be tailored to your club or group  £10 per person.

imagesConfidence CDs from our Shop

We have a range  of Confidence Recordings available such as Hacking, Schooling, Dressage Competitions, etc.  These high quality CDs and mp3 recordings are produced in a state of the art studio and provide you with a great way to start making important changes to improving your confidence.  Easy and safe to use, just sit back, relax and listen

Killossery3Mounted Sessions

Mounted sessions are always available if I'm in your area.  If necessary, these can incorporate some mental strategies to help you feel confident, calm and focused when riding.  Alternatively, you can book a session just to work on your jumping or schooling if you are looking to improve your riding skills or are aiming for a competition. £35 per session.



"Hypnosis is supported by more scientific research than any other
complimentary therapy"
The Which? Guide to Complementary Therapies.

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